New Intro Page and Color scheme

Schendulenaut finally has those brand spanking new intro pages, complete with thematic video background and scrolling websites as a slide deck. We additionally have overhauled the colorscheme to be more relevant to the branding.

Screenshot of intro page

Homogeneous Intro Page

It is true that Schedulenaut no longer has the simplistic intro page that was originally there to decrease page load time. However, since Schedulenaut is a new tool with an unproven track record, it makes sense to eschew some loading time for marketing features.

But the brand new home page does more than just provide feature call outs. There is a reason why some pages look more polished than others, or more trustworthy in general. Humans have a split second to decide trustworthiness, and as a result they use a frame of reference of their past to judge new experiences.

Right now, the trend in websites are to have a long scrolling page with a giant hero at the top. This makes sense since, one is more likely to scroll than click on a link. Additionally a large hero with a quick pitch is a great way to keep users interested enough to keep reading the feature list.

Delightful Interaction Builds Brand

Finally, to add a little more character and delight, we added a feature at the bottom of the page to get people to use the tool: there is a lift off button using CSS3 that will depress when clicked and use CSS3 animation to launch a spaceship icon to the top and fade it away.

This is great because it not only falls inline with the idea of schedulenaut's space theme, but it creates a delighful interaction that is light (vs. Start Today!).

Color Scheme

We also changed the accent color from purple to orange. Originally, purple was chosen because it was unique and different.

Purple was great in originality (vs. eg. blue), and is semi-relevant to space nebulae, but the problem was exactly that. It blended in with the themes that it was meant to reside in. Moreover, it connotes royalty or sacredness (ie. not work) rather than a tool.

Orange on the other hand represents energy and work, which is more relevant to what Schedulenaut does. Moreover, it still has relevance to the spsace theme, while still being visible.

Space Shuttle

Image courtesy of BHM Pics

What is most unique here? Orange. White blends in with the cloud, black blends with the background. Orange, is the only warm color.

As an interesting note, the color orange here is not done on purpose, but rather to save weight by not applying paint.


Of course, tooling is always important to make efficient development. Here are some tools/websites that will help you make your own spiffy intro.

Unsplash is a website that provides royalty free and cost free high quality images for commercial or non-commercial work.

Pexels is a website that provides royalty free and cost free high quality videos for commercial or non-commercial work.

Licecap is a free tool that allows you to create video gifs of your screen quickly and efficiently.


It is true that many intro pages now look the same. That is not a bad thing since: it makes sense, reduces the overhead of making one, and creates some brand trustworthiness. Moreover, there are so many tools and helps that you can create great brand pages without leaving the computer.

There is no reason any website's intro page should not look good with the amount of effort needed to create one—especially with all the free tools available and great, albeit homogenous, simple design. But of course, little delights go a long way in pushing that image and so one should not neglect it.