Congruity Through Checkpoints

When working towards a goal, there are checkpoints along the way. These checkpoints are important to acknowledge the progress towards the goal. This is especially important when dealing with asynchronous tasks, since A person coming in at a later time must know the current state of affairs in order to make an informed decision.

Event header

A key feature of Schedulenaut is the header which contains the current state of events. This header at a glance allows users to quickly see the current information known about an event's schedule.

Important Messages Star

Another is the important messages star which allows user to quickly see what important information was discussed in a conversation and jump to the point where it was being discussed.

Locking Details Down

Schedulenaut further improves event scheduling by allowing guests to know current known information, and enforcing it to be immutable.

This helps speed up the process of event scheduling as users will immediately free up bandwidth from discussing information that has already been solidified.

We do this by providing a field for possible location and time which represents what the guests seem to be leaning towards, as well as a lock button to confirm details and prevent changing.

Workflow to Lock information

Of course it is important to limit priveleges of changing these important details. Therefore, this feature is actually a gateway to accessing other features that is under the same privelege level.


Having users be able to set up and complete check points are important in helping them work efficiently and reducing duplicate work, as well as helping on-board new people.