Thinking in 3D: Overlaying Data Without Obscuring

One of the most common problem with data visualization is balancing simplicity and data depth. How can you show everything you want to show without overwhelming »

Never Deploy on Friday

Every developers know that going from development to deployment is always a nightmare. I swear, it worked on my computer!! Many smarter programmers have thought about »

A Cleaner and More Delightful Homepage

One of the biggest advantages Google had over Yahoo in its early days was that it was simple and therefore loaded faster. Additionally, it helped users »

The Case for Polls and Tables to Visualize Time

When I first started Schedulenaut, I thought it was not good UX to make users choose time options since time is continguous and thus is always »

Modular Views

When I first designed Schedulenaut, I could not resolve how to differentiate between different users and the different modes of viewing available time. Sometimes you want »