New Intro Page and Color scheme

Schendulenaut finally has those brand spanking new intro pages, complete with thematic video background and scrolling websites as a slide deck. We additionally have overhauled the »

Inline Hints and Outline Hints

When creating a new tool, it is incredibly important to help users along the way understand how to use it. One of the biggest different in »

Congruity Through Checkpoints

When working towards a goal, there are checkpoints along the way. These checkpoints are important to acknowledge the progress towards the goal. This is especially important »

Async Data Collection, Sync Understanding

One of the biggest problems with working collaboratively is that we have to bridge the gap between asynchronous information gathering into synchronous mental congruity: how do »

Proactive Visualization Through Interactivity

One of the benefits of the computer and digital data visualization is that we can have a dialogue between the computer and ourselves. Unlike printed visualizations »