The Schedulenaut Developer Blog is an experiment in discussing the (start-up) app development process in a communal setting to further the execution of an idea. Think of it as Open-Source Idea.

The present blog will discuss the different design decisions behind Schedulenaut: from ideation, to design, to implementation.

We invite readers to send their input and thoughts to revolutionize collaborative time scheduling as we know it.

What is Schedulenaut?

We believe that social interactions, whether it be in meetings or in parties, is essential to the human experience. Meeting is sine qua non to collaboration.

Despite this, current methods of making meetings happen, scheduling, is lacking and a necessary evil—rather than an exciting experience that is the genesis of collaboration.

Schedulenaut hopes to change this by creating a new platform for people all over the world to schedule smarter together.

Since scheduling meetings is such an essential tool, we believe that it should be freely available to all. Thus it is an exemplary platform in which to experiment with collaborative ideation.

The development of Schedulenaut can be tracked on GitHub

Who is behind Schedulenaut?

This we is actually just I (at least at the moment). Please forgive the deception.

The mastermind behind the project is Jonathan Solichin, who created Schedulenaut as part of his undergraduate senior thesis at UCLA's Design Media Arts program with the guidance of his teacher Casey Reas and the class.

He would love to hear from you at jssolichin on gmail.